Swimming Pools Maintenance

AL SUMANDER TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C offer the complete pool maintenance service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE.

We maintain swimming pools with standard shapes and designs.

Full Service: Along with weekly chemical balance, this type of service includes vacuuming the pool when necessary, removing surface leaves and/or debris, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, emptying debris from pool sweep bags and minor equipment diagnostic and repair.

So, if you're considering a pool service in any location or requirements, give us a ring.

All work are with good quality standards and Special care on all projects we handle.

Air-Conditioning, Ventilations & Air Filtration Systems

AL SUMANDER TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C strongly focuses in employing qualified technical persons and in adopting the latest technology to achieve the best and most practical result for our clients. Our expertise in the field helps the customer to save money in capital expenditure and also results in maintaining low running cost.



Design, supply, Installation and commissioning of HVAC systems.
Load Calculation, Machine Selection and Engineering drawings.
Air Conditioning and ducting design for offices and restaurants.
Climate control of large warehouses (temperature & humidity).
Annual Maintenance of Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing Systems.
HVAC Trouble shooting and consultancy.
Fresh Air and Air Conditioning Ducting.
Air & Water cooled chillers.
Pumps and related pipeline works.
Valve packages, flushing and chemical testing of chiller lines.
Health check and Comprehensive Maintenance of chillers & other HVAC Systems.


Design, supply, Installation and commissioning of:

Kitchen Ventilation.
U.V. lights and other degreasing systems.
Mechanical Ventilation.
Air purification systems.
Odour control systems.
Pollution control systems.
Ecology Units.

Electromechanical Equipment Installation & Maintenance

AL SUMANDER TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C has highly qualified technical staffs that have in depth knowledge on all kind of HVAC equipments for installation & maintenance works. The staff is further guided and supported by our expert Engineers who are fully capable of taking any JOBS.

AL SUMANDER TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C having combination of professional Engineers holding over 10 years experience in the field of Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Air-conditioning systems.

our team has expertise in Air-conditioning field and have vast experience in handling any of OEM products like Carrier, York, Trane, McQuay, Hitachi, Toshiba , Rheem, and Samsung etc.

Our team is fully equipped with latest models of tools & tackles, and the team is very competent to use techniques for any given assignment.

Examples of electromechanical equipment include:

Synchronous motors
Stepper motors
Assemblies like switches, solenoids, electric valve actuators
Servomechanisms like servomotors, positioning devices
Chart recorders and power meters
Automatic controls like relays, thermostats, heating/cooling controls 

Floor & Wall Tilling Works

Our Company is expert is all type of following tiling works:

  • Wall Tiles
  • Kitchen Tiles
  • Bathrooms Tiles
  • Office Tiles
  • Courtyard Tile
  • Balcony Tiles

Installing new tile can fix up a bathroom, kitchen, or any other area of your home with the right design and craftsmanship. In fact, bathrooms and kitchens often provide the greatest return on investment when it comes to your home’s value. Whether preparing your home for sale or improving the design, tile installation  and repair can provide an updated look that transforms the appeal of your entire home.

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Stone Tile
  • Glass Tile 

Electrical fittings & Fixtures Services

At AL SUMANDER TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C our team of electricians specialize in electrical installation and electrical fixtures for homes and commercial properties in Dubai & Nearby Emirates. All of our electricians are experienced & have sufficient technical knowledge.

We also have 24 hour emergency electricians on hand to deal with your electrical emergency, including any suspected electrical faults. Contact AL SUMANDER TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C and we’ll get a registered electrician out to you as soon possible.!

Electrical Faults
Electrical faults are potentially lethal and need to be dealt with immediately. If you suspect you may have an electrical fault at home or at work call us now and we’ll get an electrician out to you as soon as possible anywhere in the Dubai.

You may be experiencing an electrical fault by way of flickering lights or appliances which have stopped working. We can help with these issues – as well as addressing the issue of broken electrical sockets, blown fuses and outdoor wiring.

You might be left with exposed wires following a breakage; in this case, do not try to fix the exposed electrics, and call us as soon as possible. Poorly maintained electrical equipment pose a high risk . Attempting to repair electrical goods without an adequate electrician’s qualification is very dangerous. Done incorrectly, even the most simple wiring jobs – such as wiring a plug or changing a light switch – can have dire consequences. Always call a professional electrician in these situations. 

Sanitary Installation & Pipes Repairing

We specialize in plumbing & sanitary works. These compression & flare fitting are ideal for applications in all types of brass pipes, copper pipes, and steel pipes. We can also meet the customized demands of our clients in the range as per their specifications.Sanitary fittings, brass sanitary fittings, bronze plumbing fittings, brass sanitary fitting, manufacturer brass, bathroom fittings, sanitary bathroom fittings, sanitary pipe fitting, chrome plated, brass sanitary fittings, Sanitary fittings.

We are a leading name in works of Bathroom Fittings, especially brass bathroom fittings and brass bathroom accessory. These are made by using superior quality basic material in sophisticated design and perfect finish.

Once, state-of-the-art in plumbing was cast-iron drains and brass supply pipes. Now, those materials have been supplanted (for the most part) by PVC plastic, copper, and flexible cross-linked polyethylene, known as PEX. But whether the pipes are plastic, metal, or a combination of the two, it's the plumber's skill that determines how well the system works. An under size, improperly sloped drain will continually clog. And supply pipes that aren't anchored every 6 feet or so will rattle and thump every time a faucet is turned off.

There's more to proper plumbing than just following the codes and rules. Planning and installing a system that's quiet, efficient, and leak free is something of an art. You'll see it in the way a good plumber arranges pipes and valves for ease of maintenance, avoids wasting material or weakening framing, and takes care to wipe joints clean. "Too bad so much of our good work gets buried,". Turn the page for a look at a system that meets his exacting standards.

The Pipe Network

Clean water enters a house at a pressure of 50-60 psi through the supply lines. Dirty water, pulled down by gravity, exits through the drainpipes, while air coming through the vents keeps the drains flowing smoothly. It's a wonderfully simple and durable setup. Valves may wear, hoses may break, and appliances will fail, but the underlying network of pipes should last as long as the house itself. 

Plaster & Cladding Works

Plaster work

We have gained immense experience and expertise in the domain and are able to execute prominent Plaster Work services. We undertake both official and residential needs. Organization put immense efforts in rendering these services. Taking use of optimum quality raw material enhances the quality of our rendered services. Our able technocrats and workers have executed many services in this regard and can cater to every need of our customers. Some of the key features of this service are :

  • Optimum quality raw material
  • Cost-effective
  • Timeliness

Cladding Work

Being abetted by able workforce we are able to render world-class Cladding Work services. These services are availed by big offices, multiplexes and shopping malls to prevent buildings from damages due to absurd weather conditions. A layer of one material is applied over other to provide a protective skin. We have immense expertise in rendering these services and have executed many services in this regard. Some of the key features of our rendered services are :
Different types of cladding available: ACP cladding, Glass Cladding, Stone cladding, Wooden cladding

  • Cost-effective.
  • Highly effective.
  • Building cleaning services.