Products & Solutions- Fire Alarm Systems

We provides comprehensive fire protection range including intelligent smoke detectors, sounders, manual call points and control panels. Innovative and market leading designs ensure that our Fire Alarm system always provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to a wide range of fire detection applications. Along with our Addressable &Conventional Fire Alarm System solutions, we also provide Air Sampling Fire Detection, Video Smoke Detection,&Standalone Detectors with battery backup solutions.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Our Fire Panels and a Full Line of Complementary Devices make detection and notification easier than ever. We have a new line of fire panels with a full complement of modules, detectors, notification devices, and voice evacuation systems. This new suite of systems features advanced technology such as system-wide synchronization, Ethernet connection, and email communication capability. 

Conventional Fire Alarm System

Our fire Alarm panels are designed for non-coded fire alarm systems in small commercial, institutional and industrial occupancies. The product is different range of zones starting from 2 to 8 makes it possible for implementation in small and medium size projects.

Air Sampling Smoke Detection System

We have new sensor types to meet varied demands from all kinds of environments – ranging from critical objects in clean surroundings to agriculture and heavy industry. Ceiling height and ventilation systems in industrial and agricultural buildings imply that detectors in these buildings should possess class B sensitivity. This might present challenges in relation to naturally occurring dust and corrosive agents, that could cause unwanted alarms – or even lead to faults – in equipment that isn’t developed with such conditions in mind. We  bave the only device on the market that is robust enough to function without problems in these surroundings and still maintain class B sensitivity according to EN54-20.

Battery Operated Detectors

We provide 230vac battery operated smoke and heat detectors of high quality to meet standalone detector requirements. The smoke and heat detectors are LPCB, & BSI Kitemark approved.