Electrical fittings & Fixtures Services

At AL SUMANDER TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C our team of electricians specialize in electrical installation and electrical fixtures for homes and commercial properties in Dubai & Nearby Emirates. All of our electricians are experienced & have sufficient technical knowledge.

We also have 24 hour emergency electricians on hand to deal with your electrical emergency, including any suspected electrical faults. Contact AL SUMANDER TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C and we’ll get a registered electrician out to you as soon possible.!

Electrical Faults
Electrical faults are potentially lethal and need to be dealt with immediately. If you suspect you may have an electrical fault at home or at work call us now and we’ll get an electrician out to you as soon as possible anywhere in the Dubai.

You may be experiencing an electrical fault by way of flickering lights or appliances which have stopped working. We can help with these issues – as well as addressing the issue of broken electrical sockets, blown fuses and outdoor wiring.

You might be left with exposed wires following a breakage; in this case, do not try to fix the exposed electrics, and call us as soon as possible. Poorly maintained electrical equipment pose a high risk . Attempting to repair electrical goods without an adequate electrician’s qualification is very dangerous. Done incorrectly, even the most simple wiring jobs – such as wiring a plug or changing a light switch – can have dire consequences. Always call a professional electrician in these situations.